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Immerse yourself in the olfactory world of Orto Parisi with Stercus , a niche fragrance created in 2014 by Gualtieri. This perfume, whose name derives from the Latin word for "dung", is a bold and uncompromising celebration of the deepest and most primordial nature of the human being. Here are the details that make this fragrance an unparalleled olfactory experience:

Main features

  • Creating a Niche : An artisanal fragrance that explores uncharted territories in the world of perfumery, offering a unique and distinctive experience.
  • Olfactory profile :
    • Woody : An accord that evokes the strength and stability of trees, creating a solid and reassuring base.
    • Musky : An accord that adds an animalistic and wild dimension, evoking primordial instincts.

Olfactory Pyramid

  • Top Notes :
    • Edanol : An ingredient that adds an alcoholic note, creating a bold and provocative opening.
    • Cocoa : A note that adds an earthy, bitter sweetness, offering an intriguing contrast to edanol.
  • Heart Notes :
    • Patchouli : An earthy, woody note that adds depth and complexity to the fragrance, creating a pulsating, vibrant heart.
  • Base Notes :
    • Musk : A note that evokes the wild beauty of nature, adding a deeply sensual dimension.
    • Cedar : A woody, resinous note that offers a solid, long-lasting base, creating a warm, reassuring finish.

Stercus by Orto Parisi is a fragrance that is not afraid to explore the darkest and most primordial side of the human being, offering a scent that is as provocative as it is fascinating. Discover the fragrance that challenges conventions and celebrates instinct, buy Stercus by Orto Parisi now.


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Stercus - parfum 50ml

Orto Parisi