Hard nose 30ml.

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This perfume bottle is part of the Nasomatto project. The fragrance aims to intensify all aspects of male virility. "The Nose"

It is difficult to be a Man. It requires courage and no fears are allowed.

Duro is a hypnotic perfume that enhances all manifestations of strength. Ideas of authentic masculinity, powerful virility and vigor are encapsulated in this perfume bottle.

PACKAGING: Inspired by all that is robust, the packaging itself is a message and an invitation to try. The cap of the Duro bottle is made of Wengé wood, one of the most resistant woods. As with all Nasomatto fragrances, the packaging is entirely made in Italy.

Nasomatto's Duro perfume extract aims to intensify all aspects of male virility. Carnal and sexy, with a sparkling modern twist.


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Hard nose 30ml.