In the world of perfumes, few brands capture the essence of innovation and originality like Orto Parisi. Founded by Alessandro Gualtieri , also known as "the nose", Orto Parisi is a brand that challenges conventions and creates perfumes that are truly one of a kind.

One of Orto Parisi 's most popular perfumes is undoubtedly Megamare . This fragrance captures the essence of the ocean in a bottle, with marine notes evoking the immensity and power of the sea. Megamare by Orto Parisi is a perfume that does not go unnoticed, perfect for those who want to make a statement.

Another perfume that has enjoyed great success is Terroni . This fragrance is a tribute to the earth, with notes of earth, smoke and minerals that evoke the image of a volcanic landscape. Terroni di Orto Parisi is an intense and powerful perfume, ideal for those who love bold and decisive fragrances.

Orto Parisi also offers a number of other unique fragrances, including Seminalis , a perfume that explores the connection between humans and nature, and Bergamask , a perfume that captures the essence of bergamot in a completely new way.

Each Orto Parisi perfume is a work of art in itself, with each bottle telling a unique story. Whether you are looking for a perfume that evokes the immensity of the sea or the power of the earth, you will surely find what you are looking for with Orto Parisi.

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July 31, 2023 — Vittorio Citro