From basketball courts to the street . The Superstar in fifty years has inspired changes in the street scene and has become a reference point for athletes, artists, stylists and musicians, confirming itself as an icon capable of shaping the cultural trends of the planet.

The original sneaker silhouette was created to meet the new levels of competition that were revolutionizing the basketball world of the seventies. Before the launch of the shoe, the designers had in fact explored various methods to exploit the rubber toe as a protective element: adding some ribs, today an unmistakable detail, adidas Originals France proposed the shell toe, able to ensure better performance in terms of protection, cushioning and grip.

So the "new" sneakers began to be liked not only for aesthetics, but also for functionality, so much so that they were chosen by basketball myths like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar . From that moment Superstar inspired the change in the street scene : the model is also worn by the New York crews of the hip hop revolution and by the rap group Run DMC , who loved to show them without laces and with the tongue out.

Today Superstar , he remains one of the most democratic sneakers, able to unite passions, cultural phenomena and lifestyles from all over the world.

The legendary Superstars are comfortable, simple and timeless shoes, available in various colors. With laces or rips, choose the model that fits your look and sport an iconic three-stripe style.

Adidas Superstar 2020 vittorio Citro Boutique

Sources: Vogue - Adidas Originals