Cult London brand mou produces original handmade footwear from premium quality natural fibres. Warm, durable and extraordinarily soft, mou shoes are loved for the unusual "back to nature" feeling they convey and for their eclectic style.

Ethics and eco-compatibility are the pillars of mou production. Innovation in design marries traditional handcrafting techniques to bring out the natural beauty of the leather used for the collection. Comfort is the driving idea behind the style, with finishes and soles that last over time.

MOU story

Shelley Tichborne founded mou on London's famous Portobello Road in 2002 with the aim of creating an original and luxurious shoe as an antidote to the stress of hectic modern life. Appreciated by stylists and passing buyers, the brand has become increasingly known thanks to word of mouth.

Today the comfortable mou boots, preferred by world-famous artists such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz, stand out for their exclusive gritty look and distinctive nonconformist spirit. Classic mou styles include the cowboy antelope boot, calfskin slippers, eskimo, nanuk and goatskin.

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